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About –  Amit Paul

Amit Paul is qualified B’tech and working in a private company by profession and a freelance documentary photographer based in Kolkata, India. He is associated with the photography group Creative Art Solution(CAS). His interest in photography developed in 2007 while toying around with a compact digital camera. He hasn’t stopped taking photographs since he got his first DSLR in 2015.


He started taking pictures of strangers on the street, when he started doing this, he had no idea there was an entire genre devoted to it. Some of his photographs had been published Nat Geo Daily Dozen and He managed a publication on N-Photo magazine on Dec’16 edition for winning street photography competition on Another publication on Dodho magazine on Jan’17 edition for 15th Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk in Kolkata. Also, he managed some Awards like Gold, Silver, Bronze or HM from several National and International salons that have created a buzz in the field of modern photography. Photography teaches to learn and appreciate life better. He is being enjoyed documenting Calcutta (Kolkata) in all its forms and colors.


He has always been quite an observant person, liking to pay attention to small details. He strives to capture storytelling-images as well as insightful, emotion-provoking yet, realistic sort of frames. He loves capturing the colorful glimpses of daily life in India. Street Photography/Documentary is his favorite way of looking at the world and taking photographs gives him the power to stop time.



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